Just a small voice

I suppose I began my crush (everyone calls it a love affair, so I thought I’d mix it up) on the media when I thought of it as a means of expression.  A way for each individual to broadcast their ideas and opinions.  With the onset of social media tools, this crush I suppose has evolved into more than that. 

 So imagine my dissapointment when Sally Field’s emmy speech was cut off by Fox network as she drew attention to the war.  So I know this is old news in the blogosphere, but I have been dwelling on it for a while.

 Why in a day when there are so many issues that people are passionate and opinionated about, would a major television network silence those powerful thoughts?  Simply because they do not reflect their own?

As I begin this little adventure I recognize that my thoughts and opinions may not always align with others but I have the brilliant and wonderful opportunity to share them. 


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