My body is not a wonderland today…

As someone whose mind frequently wanders to stuffed shells with ricotta and turkey or whose mouth will water on cue at a sniff of fresh mangoes, I never thought that the mere mention of any food would be enough to turn my stomach. I’ve been battling this stomach flu for a solid two and a half days and have been waiting tirelessly for reprieve. Promises of this just being a 24 hour bug seem a lifetime away.

Regardless, I attempted to go to work today and was promptly shooed out the door a few hours later. I have found the ultimate refuge on the chaise of our sectional, sipping ginger root tea (on recommendation from my fabulous co-workers), watching Seinfeld re-runs, perusing the JCrew sale items and daydreaming of ways to redecorate my living room.

So now I’m vying for this Eyelet Island dress in a bright rhubarb and this printed tissue tunic in yellow as the perfect cover up…. clearly I’m wishing away the winter so I can finally embrace all those fabulous Spring colors.

The one thing I’ll be staying far far away from today is a site where me and many of my fellow wannabe domestic goddesses can waste endless amounts of time…


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One response to “My body is not a wonderland today…

  1. hope you’re feeling better! the island dress surely lifted your spirits!

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