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Broadcast Your Cause

One of my best friends, Leigh sends me YouTube tidbits of her pug, capturing every precious head tilt. We all appreciate YouTube because it gives everyone a platform to document the scenarios that make them laugh, shout their opinions wide and far, and share the moments that are special to them.

So I am loving their You Tube Non Profit Program. It allows non-profits to reach out to their audiences effectively and inexpensively. The program offers organizations a designated “Nonprofit” channel on YouTube where they can upload rotating promotional videos, brand themselves, provide information to interested parties and even accept donations.

Some of my favorite organizations already have channels set up – take a peek at Autism Speaks or the American Cancer Society. For other wonderful organizations with lesser funding, this is a valuable tool to inform the public of their own cause and the lives they touch.


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Dear Dove

As we are all inundated with images of rail thin women and self esteem of young girls has paid the price, Dove’s real beauty campaign has earned unwavering loyalty and admiration from throngs of women including myself.  Their first viral video, Evolution, closely detailed the transformation of an average looking girl into the supermodel that we see on billboards and magazine covers.  It was a comforting reminder that the images that surround us tend to be nothing short of superficial.

When I received the first video I sent it to all my girls that I love so much with a little note reminding each of them how beautiful they are.  So when I recieved their recent video I was thrilled.  Though this one is a bit more intense and has far more shocking images, Dove’s “Onslaught” once again suprised and pleased me with its message to young women. 

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