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My body is not a wonderland today…

As someone whose mind frequently wanders to stuffed shells with ricotta and turkey or whose mouth will water on cue at a sniff of fresh mangoes, I never thought that the mere mention of any food would be enough to turn my stomach. I’ve been battling this stomach flu for a solid two and a half days and have been waiting tirelessly for reprieve. Promises of this just being a 24 hour bug seem a lifetime away.

Regardless, I attempted to go to work today and was promptly shooed out the door a few hours later. I have found the ultimate refuge on the chaise of our sectional, sipping ginger root tea (on recommendation from my fabulous co-workers), watching Seinfeld re-runs, perusing the JCrew sale items and daydreaming of ways to redecorate my living room.

So now I’m vying for this Eyelet Island dress in a bright rhubarb and this printed tissue tunic in yellow as the perfect cover up…. clearly I’m wishing away the winter so I can finally embrace all those fabulous Spring colors.

The one thing I’ll be staying far far away from today is a site where me and many of my fellow wannabe domestic goddesses can waste endless amounts of time…


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Emerging Trends at Fashion Week 2008 – Social Media or Shorter Hemlines?

Fashion Week in 2007 was the year for the celebration of staple institutions in the fashion world. Lacoste was applauded for 75 years of defining timeless and Ralph Lauren took a much deserved bow at the end of the runway for 40 years that have reshaped the industry.

As last year applauded the traditional, Fashion Week 2008 has embraced the new. New media that is. In 2006, bloggers were handed the much vied for press passes among the Anna Wintours of the industry. 2008 sees another first on this front., a social networking platform that has connected some of fashion’s premier young talent with the industry’s superstars, was enlisted as a media partnership, alongside longtime traditional media partner The New York Times.

I find the most compelling aspect of social media to be the ability for a community to contribute their own thoughts and build upon one another’s ideas. It gives everyone a voice, even those who don’t get those prized seats at the runway. So I find it fitting that with the induction of this new media partnership, IQONS will circulate the first issue of its user-generated magazine among the jewel tone clad fashionistas perched under the white peaks of the Bryant Park tents. Meanwhile I will shiver in Boston, and try to live vicariously through some of my favorite fashion bloggers (Fashion Tribes) who were given the ultimate nod from the industry by getting press passes to arguably, the most glamorous week of the year.

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Cheap Could Be Couture?

We all scrounge up our clothing to donate year after year – either it doesn’t fit or it just doesn’t blend with your new post-college professional life (ahem!) but for some reason scouring the goodwill racks has been often looked down upon. Delightful treasures for cheap prices have been mistakenly overlooked by fashionistas everywhere.

Goodwill is dedicated to the employment of people who are disadvantaged or disabled, so when thousands of pounds of clothing are discarded wastefully it is a painful disservice to the project, the people and the planet.

During my daily dose of Have Fun*Do Good I came across the first of the great strides that Goodwill is making in revamping their image to the mass market. Goodwill has a new fashion blog and the blogger, Em Hall reveals her tips and tricks in accessories and dresses but at the same time she introduces fashionistas to the vintage finds that are in plenty at Goodwill retail locations or its Ebay site.

And courtesy of PSFK , I stumbled across another “good” find. Goodwill is teaming up with designer, Nick Graham, to launch a fashion line, William Good, which reuses and reinvents the clothing you’re tossing into fabulous pieces that can grow into a brand that according to Graham will “help the environment, create employment, and generate profit.”

This year when you lug your box of “too-big” jeans, you may just want to peek into the store for someone else’s “that color doesn’t work on me anymore” sweaters.


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Dear Dove

As we are all inundated with images of rail thin women and self esteem of young girls has paid the price, Dove’s real beauty campaign has earned unwavering loyalty and admiration from throngs of women including myself.  Their first viral video, Evolution, closely detailed the transformation of an average looking girl into the supermodel that we see on billboards and magazine covers.  It was a comforting reminder that the images that surround us tend to be nothing short of superficial.

When I received the first video I sent it to all my girls that I love so much with a little note reminding each of them how beautiful they are.  So when I recieved their recent video I was thrilled.  Though this one is a bit more intense and has far more shocking images, Dove’s “Onslaught” once again suprised and pleased me with its message to young women. 

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Threads and Talent

My design friends are going to love this and fashion hounds will enjoy… Threadless, an online community covered by Mashable, is bringing its community to the streets of Chicago.  The site started as a unique way for anyone to post their original and funky tee shirt designs and share them to the community.  The community members rate the designs and the winner of the week gets to see it print!  Added Bonus: $500 …

Playground Love… Recent Winner

Playground Love… Recent Winner 
In September, Threadless opened a flagship retail store in Chicago to distribute always fresh styles, and offer design workshops for budding artists!  The creative expression is evident when I scoured through this week’s submissions so Chicago contributors will adore this new store. 

The idea of a merging of online community and real world is another step in the evolution of social media.

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