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Emerging Trends at Fashion Week 2008 – Social Media or Shorter Hemlines?

Fashion Week in 2007 was the year for the celebration of staple institutions in the fashion world. Lacoste was applauded for 75 years of defining timeless and Ralph Lauren took a much deserved bow at the end of the runway for 40 years that have reshaped the industry.

As last year applauded the traditional, Fashion Week 2008 has embraced the new. New media that is. In 2006, bloggers were handed the much vied for press passes among the Anna Wintours of the industry. 2008 sees another first on this front., a social networking platform that has connected some of fashion’s premier young talent with the industry’s superstars, was enlisted as a media partnership, alongside longtime traditional media partner The New York Times.

I find the most compelling aspect of social media to be the ability for a community to contribute their own thoughts and build upon one another’s ideas. It gives everyone a voice, even those who don’t get those prized seats at the runway. So I find it fitting that with the induction of this new media partnership, IQONS will circulate the first issue of its user-generated magazine among the jewel tone clad fashionistas perched under the white peaks of the Bryant Park tents. Meanwhile I will shiver in Boston, and try to live vicariously through some of my favorite fashion bloggers (Fashion Tribes) who were given the ultimate nod from the industry by getting press passes to arguably, the most glamorous week of the year.


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Facebook Takes a Bite Out of Crime

I suppose Facebook is something ingrained in me by this point, as brushing my teeth or checking my email. It has steadily intertwined itself in my life as a simple and always useful platform to connect and i’ll admit it… stalk friends, family and the randoms who somehow made it into my network.

CNN reported today that a hate crime on Georgetown campus was solved with the help of the popular social network. A victim of what the police are calling a hate crime assault began trying to find suspects within his network.

The metropolitan police department then compiled a spread of profiles with similar appearance and the victim was able to identify his attacker.

Facebook wears many hats, and as the site grows and grows they can add this to their collection.

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